Capturing Baby Sienna’s Newborn Photos

I’m not a mother, but there’s something about capturing the innocence of a newborn that makes me appreciate life even more. This past Sunday my partner Steph and I had the pleasure of taking little Sienna’s newborn photos.

As we arrived at the home, Eric, Stephanie’s husband, (I know, another Steph lol) greeted us and led us to the area we’d be shooting. Being our second rodeo, we had come prepared with all the props we could gather up from Michael’s and an eager attitude.  The lighting in their living room was perfect and we immediately got to work setting up.

Getting baby Sienna ready for the shoot took a few mins, but before we knew it, she was fast asleep…for all but 30 seconds LOL. I once heard a photographer say “taking photos of families with small children is a great lesson in relinquishing the illusion of control.” I kid you not, her parents really tried to put her in a food coma, but I believe all the movements and shutters going off may have been agitating after a while. She was still cute as ever, though. Here’s a few behind the scene shots! I’ll make sure to post final images soon.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


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