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InDesign Practice

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Premiere Practice

Writing Practice

Exercise 1

  1. It was predicted by the city manager that the downtown area would have to undergo extensive  renovation and modification to make it a more attractive commercial area for consumers.

The city manager says the downtown area will undergo extensive renovations to become an attractive area for consumers.

  1. The president of the Board of Education has stated that the citywide reading test given to all  460‐thousand high school students might have been invalidated for 220‐thousand of them.

President of the Board of Education says two-hundred-and-twenty-thousand reading tests given to students were invalid.

  1. A 34‐year‐old woman has been shot by robbers during a holdup of the Shoreham National Bank  this morning.

A woman was shot this morning at the Shoreham National Bank.

  1. It is not certain there will be snow, but it is clear there will be some precipitation this evening.

Showers are expected tonight with a slight chance of snow.

  1. There will be a nine point eight percent increase in the cost of lettuce to consumers in this area.

Shoppers can expect to pay 9.8 percent more for lettuce in the coming days.

Exercise 2

  1. Three-quarters of a million bees are being evicted from the park at 12th street today.
  2. Police say there have been 22 murders in the city this year…8 percent more than last year.
  3. More than one-hundred-thousand people are expected to attend the latest version of the festival named for Woodstock, NY.
  4. Police say 13 pounds of marijuana were discovered in the home of a Dedham high school student at 8:00 last night.
  5. The temperature in Lansing, Michigan dropped to -10 degrees last night…a record low.
  6. State workers in New Jersey have won a pay hike of two dollars and thirteen cents per hour, up 5.8% from last year.
  7. The A-C-L-U and the NAACP will challenge the FBI in court in December.
  8. OPEC will announce a 5 dollar barrel price increase today.
  9. County Chairwoman Ellie Mays says she won’t support Governor Flannery.
  10. He hopes to sail to Marseilles, France – – and then drive to Cannes.
  11. If they choose to negotiate separate contracts, it could delay work at the construction site a lot longer.
  12. Next he’ll visit Wiesbaden, West Germany – – then he heads home.

Exercise 3


Date: October 6, 2015

Next Broadcast: 12 NOON


Two research scientists for the CDC return to work after spending 3 weeks in isolation. The two men were accidentally exposed to the deadly African virus that first appeared in Zaire thirty-four years ago. Medical experts kept the men for an extra week just to be sure.


Pier Point 2 – Audio Practice

Pier Point 1 – Audio Practice

Photography Practice – 9/10/2015

Wide Shot
Wide Shot
Full Shot
Full Shot
Mid Shot
Mid Shot
Medium Close Up
Medium Close Up
Extreme Close Up
Extreme Close Up
Cut In
Cut In
Two Shot
Two Shot
Over The Shoulder Shot
Over The Shoulder Shot
High Angle Shot
High Angle Shot
Dutch Angle
Dutch/Oblique Angle
Eye-Level Shot
Eye Level Shot
Low Angle Shot
Low Angle Shot

Photoshop Practice – 9/3/2015



Photoshop Selections – 9/1/2015


Photoshop Level Adjustments


Photoshop Practice




Beach Cleanup